Our Practice

Our team’s rich background in the business and investment world has attracted a diverse clientele in California and 18 other states – senior executives of publically traded companies, technology entrepreneurs, owners of privately held businesses, attorneys, CPA’s, other trusted advisors, and retirees.

To serve our client’s complex financial needs we believe in a team approach. Helping clients understand and clarify their wealth objectives and family values is the bedrock of our planning process. Investment review and accountability is the key to the execution of the plan and is the foundation of relationship with clients.

With most clients earning—or having earned – significant wealth, we strive to help them grow and sustain it. Pelorus’ directors have the experience and knowledge to help enhance your lifestyle through the prudent management of your assets and liabilities. We have a dedicated portfolio manager with over 15 years of market experience that will evaluate your goals and objectives, risk tolerance, time-horizon and liquidity needs in custom tailoring an investment strategy for you. Through analysis of market trends and macroeconomic factors, we design portfolios to help mitigate downturns and allow for participation in up trends. Just as we learn from clients every day – about their industries and their lives – we educate them about what wealth can mean to them now and for generations to come.